Fictitious case study "CLIFland"

As part of the CliFiT training programme the Case Study Teaching Method is applied, representing a tried and tested approach for practice-oriented and interactive learning. The method uses a fictitious case example that is rooted in reality and provides the necessary contextual information and details to have the participants analyse and discuss on the given case. Thus, the method promotes critical thinking, teamwork and active learning.
The characteristics of the case study “CLIFland” developed for CliFiT has been adapted to the particular requirements of this training programme. Case study exercises based on CLIFland are available for most of the training modules while several exercises also make use of real case examples. The CLIFland case study analysis exercise under the Strategy and Policies module serves as an introduction to the fictitious case study. The exercise introduces CLIFland on the basis of the CFR topics covered by the eight training modules.
CLIFland Map