Project development and the GCF

Project Development and the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Showcasing approved GCF projects 

Showcasing GCF projects (as of 2019-08-27) 

Exercise Handout 

GCF Exercise Handout (as of 2019-05-16) 

Exercise Handout Example Template 

GCF Handout Example Template  (as of 2019-05-16) 

Handout Example Ecuador 

Handout Example Ecuador (as of 2019-05-16) 

Handout Example Africa 

Handout Example Africa (as of 2019-05-16) 

Handout Example Morocco 

Handout Example Morocco (as of 2019-05-16) 

Handout Example India 

Handout Example India (as of 2019-08-27) 

Handout Example Guatemala / Mexico 

Project Development and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) (French)

Introduction Project Development and the GCF (as of 2017-12-13)

Showcasing approved GCF projects (French)
Showcasing GCF projects (as of 2017-12-13) 
Please note: The French presentation is based on a previous version of the module and was shared by GIZ. It is recommended to update the presentation by using the English version provided above. Translation of hand-outs and other material is not available.