Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts – CliFiT4SE

About the training

The Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts (CliFiT4SE) is an interactive capacity building tool. It was designed to meet the training needs of sector experts on climate finance, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and climate project development. The training toolkit provides hands-on information and instruments to identify the climate rationale and conceptualise concrete climate project ideas. It is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Target group

The primary target group for CliFiT4SE are sector experts who have an interest in exploring climate finance options. This may include:

  • GCF direct access entities (DAEs), organisations interested in or currently in the process of accreditation for GCF;
  • Experts in ministries or public bodies working in areas related to environment, finance or specific sectors;
  • Private sector entities, especially financial institutions;
  • Non-governmental bodies, civil society organizations interested in climate finance.

Modular training toolkit

CliFiT4SE follows a modular concept, offering several combinations for different learning paths and addressing the specific training needs of sector experts.

Interactive introductions to the climate finance landscape, science, policy, and the GCF

Tools to work on the key building blocks of new climate projects creating first ideas

Trainer manual with hints for trainers on how to conduct CliFiT4SE in virtual and face-to-face formats

The toolkit comprises three training modules and six interactive tools that allow delving into the most important climate finance issues. The training is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Setting the Scene on Climate Finance
Overview on the Green Climate Fund
Climate Rationale
Impact Chains
Mitigation Pathways
Climate Project Design
Implementation Structure
Partnership Development
Framework Alignment
Funding Strategy & Instruments
More information

Sector-specific toolkit application

CliFiT4SE is available for the agriculture, transport, and water sectors but can be tailored to other sectors.




More information

CliFiT4SE factsheets

For more information about the CliFiT4SE toolkit, please download the CliFiT4SE factsheets.

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