All trainers mentioned on this website have gone through an CliFiT4SE Training-of-Trainers (ToT) programme and are officially accredited CliFiT4SE trainers. They all have access to the CliFiT4SE training toolkit and have vast experience in conducting CliFiT4SE trainings.

In case you are interested in organising a CliFiT4SE training, please feel free to reach out to any of the trainers listed on this website, or to approach the CliFiT4SE team.

Certified CliFiT4SE trainers

Arig Bakhiet

Arig Bakhiet is a highly experienced energy professional and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Technische Universität Dresden. Since 1998, she has been working as a Biomass Energy Specialist getting up to being founding Director of the Renewable Energy Incubator at the National Energy Research Center (NERC) in Khartoum, undertaking research on biomass energy and energy management. She has also developed and conducted training programmes on renewable energy to different target groups – including governments, NGOs/CBOs, community leaders, and students – while also supporting government committees on energy planning.

Arig has undertaken multiple consultancy assignments on behalf of various institutional and governmental bodies – including the UNDP and the Sudanese Government Ministry of Environment. This includes development of a low carbon strategy for Sudan and preparation of the Sudanese Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Along with this, she is an accredited reviewer for GHG emissions from the energy sector. She held regular lecturer positions in energy management at various higher education institutes across Sudan, whilst also acting as an executive committee member of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS) and as a renewable energy committee member of the Sudanese Engineering Society.

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Marie-Ange Baudoin

Marie-Ange is a Senior Consultant in Climate Change Adaptation and Climate Finance. She has over 12 years of experience in the field of climate change adaptation, with a focus on least developed countries (LDCs). Former researcher and lecturer in climate change and sustainable development, Marie-Ange has led studies on climate change vulnerability and adaptation solutions for rural communities in LDCs. She has experience in project design and evaluation, and provides technical support to governments to access and use climate finance, and to implement climate change projects. Her current focus lies on the development of GCF concept notes and full funding proposals relating to climate-resilient agriculture, climate services and ecosystem-based adaptation.

Marie-Ange holds a PhD in Environmental Science, a postgraduate degree in Development Studies, and a master degree in International Policy from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. A Belgian national, Marie-Ange has spent several years in the U.S.A. and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is bilingual in French and English. Marie-Ange is also a certified CliFiT4SE trainer, with a focus on climate change adaptation project design.

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Pavel Činčera

Pavel focuses on two at first glance very different fields. The first area of expertise is environmental protection, climate change, and disaster risk reduction, strategic planning, financing environmental projects, eco-journalism, and good governance in environmental protection; his other area of interest is business intelligence. He offers consulting services and training skills to a large variety of organizations, including UN agencies, NGOs, governmental agencies, and municipalities. As an environmental consultant he has worked in Central Asia (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan), Asia (Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand), Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia), Balkan (BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia), and Africa (Botswana, Uganda) for several international organizations. His main focus is on the Green Climate Fund. He speaks English, Russian, and Czech.

Contact details | GSM: +420 775 156 268

Florian Eickhold

Florian Eickhold is independent Climate Finance and Environmental Markets Specialist. As Senior Advisor he works for companies, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental bodies on climate change related matters.

He develops and conducts trainings in Spanish, English, and German. His specialty is the link between mitigation, adaptation, and development strategies, and as well the connection between carbon markets and climate finance. For over 15 years he has been working with partners in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. He holds a master’s degree in Latin American Studies with a focus on environmental economics.

Contact details | Skype: florian.eickhold | +49 152 38784789

Tobias Hausotter

Tobias Hausotter is Head of Programme Climate Policy at adelphi, a German-based think-and-do tank for climate, environment and development. He has more than twelve years of experience in the fields of international climate policy and climate finance.

Tobias has broad expertise in climate finance, having led projects on adaptation finance, technical assistance to public development banks to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and GCF readiness. He has also co-developed several climate finance toolkits such as the Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts (CliFiT4SE) and conducted a series of Train-the-Trainer workshops and capacity development courses for public and private sector experts (e.g. government agencies in Jordan, banking sector in India). Tobias is based in Berlin, Germany, and speaks German and English.

Contact details | +49 30 89 000 68 – 355

David Kaluba

David Kaluba is currently an Independent Contractor providing services as a consultant on various climate change topics dealing with finance, adaptation and mitigation. His experience spans over a period of 11 years in developing climate policy instruments, overseeing project development, implementation and institutional setups in Zambia and at international levels.

David has gained vast experience working with climate funds such as the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Adaptation Fund (AF). Specific sectoral service areas have been in agriculture, water, infrastructure and fisheries and livestock. David has obtained a CliFiT4SE certification as a trainer and has conducted several physical trainings in the past. He is based in Lusaka, Zambia, and speaks English, Bemba, Tonga and Nyanja.

Contact details | +260979403037, whatsapp: +260962779210

Tsimafei Kazlou

Tsimafei Kazlou is a junior Belarus/EU based climate change and international development consultant and researcher with 3 years of experience in climate change and finance, sustainable and international development in the context of developing countries and the European Union. For these three years he was involved in various GEF, GCF, AfDB, and UN agencies’ projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus, and Africa. In May 2021, Tsimafei became a GIZ CliFiT4SE certified trainer in climate finance.

Tsimafei is also keen on continuing his career as a researcher and will soon start his PhD in sustainable energy transitions at the University of Bergen, Norway. Prior to that, he was awarded the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree scholarship by the European Commission to pursue his Master’s in environmental sciences, policy and management in Hungary, Greece, and UK (MESPOM Program).

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Juerg Klarer

Juerg Klarer works as an Managing Director of on the topics of climate, environment and development. For more than 20 years, he has been advising public and private sector stakeholders around the world (more than 60 countries in all world regions) on GCF accreditation (supported more than 20 GCF accreditations), GCF concept note and proposal development (helped develop proposals worth more than USD 2.5 bn), GCF readiness (implemented in more than 30 countries), and institutional strengthening of public and private financing institutions (70+ entities supported).

He has significant experience working with major climate funds, in particular the GCF. He worked with focus on all GCF result areas, in both mitigation and adaptation (renewables, energy efficiency, transport, forestry, most vulnerable people, health, infrastructure, agriculture, biodiversity). Juerg is a certified CliFiT4SE trainer and has conducted CliFiT4SE trainings in the past, as well as related training courses, such as courses focusing on GCF concept note and funding proposal development. He is based in Switzerland and speaks English, German, and a bit of French.

Contact details | +41 79 5078440

Ludwig Liagre

Ludwig Liagre is the founder and managing director of Rio Impact, a consulting firm specializing on sustainable finance for biodiversity, land and climate. Ludwig Liagre has 15 years’ experience as senior advisor in finance for Nature-based Solutions, including Ecosystem-based Adaptation, REDD+, Land Degradation Neutrality, Sustainable agriculture, Sustainable Forest Management, etc. Ludwig worked for technical and financial development cooperation partners such as EIB, GIZ, FAO, UNCCD, UNDP, and WWF (among others).

Ludwig Liagre has great experience working with major climate funds such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Adaptation Fund. He has also advised the design and pipeline development of Impact Funds, as well as National Financing Vehicles, such as National Climate Funds and Conservation Trust Funds. He is always eager to develop innovative finance solutions, for example Payments for Ecosystem Services and CSR partnerships (among others). Ludwig is a CliFiT and CliFiT4SE certified trainer and has conducted several virtual and physical trainings in the past, in particular in the MENA region, Africa and Asia. He is based in Luxembourg, and speaks English, French (mother tongue), Spanish and German.

Contact details | +352661138403 |

Thierry Nianogo

Thierry Nianogo is an Applied Economist with extensive experience in climate change adaptation, mitigation, climate finance and development; primarily in African and other LDC countries. He is well-versed in project formulation, economic analysis, and capacity building of public and stakeholders on various topics.

For the past 7 years, he has worked with international organizations, development banks, national governments, and major funds (the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Adaptation Fund (AF), etc.). Based in Newark (USA), Thierry has conducted and facilitated several in-person and virtual trainings. He is a certified CliFiT4SE trainer, fluent both in French and English.

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Julia Rohe-Fydrych

Julia Rohe-Frydrych works as Senior Manager at adelphi, a Germany-based think-and-do tank for climate, environment and development. For more than twelve years, she has been engaged in climate change related projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America with a focus on finance and the private sector.

She has co-developed several climate finance toolkits such as the Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts (CliFiT4SE) and conducted a series of Train-the-Trainer workshops and capacity development courses for public and private sector experts (e.g. Bank of Panama, government agencies in Uganda and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization). Her focus is on climate change adaptation projects and activities. She is based in Berlin, Germany, and speaks Spanish, German and English.

Contact details | +49 30 89 000 68 – 64

Dennis Tänzler

Dennis Tänzler is Director and Head of Programme Climate Policy at adelphi, a Germany-based think-and-do tank for climate, environment and development. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the fields of global environmental policy, climate change policy and climate change and foreign policy.

Dennis has broad expertise in climate finance, having led projects on climate finance readiness, urban climate finance and NDC financing. He has also co-developed several climate finance toolkits such as the Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts (CliFiT4SE) and conducted a series of Train-the-Trainer workshops and capacity development courses for public and private sector experts (e.g. government agencies in Uganda and Mongolia). Dennis is based in Berlin, Germany, and speaks German and English.

Contact details | +49 30 89 000 68 – 20

Kouassigan Tovivo

Kouassigan is the Director, Africa Region and Senior Implementation Specialist, Adaptation and Climate Finance at Climate Analytics. As such, he is part of the implementation strategies team and leads implementation work on several international projects related to national adaptation planning processes, low carbon development strategies and climate finance, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa. He leads strategies to scale up capacity building mechanisms to improve climate finance mobilization for adaptation and mitigation objectives. He supports and strengthens resource mobilization and partnership strategies for Paris Agreement-aligned initiatives in Africa. Kouassigan has broad expertise in climate finance, having led projects and trainings on climate finance, technical assistance to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and GCF readiness and projects‘ preparation and implementation.

He works to advance the mission of Climate Analytics in advancing science to inform policy development and implementation to reduce vulnerability to climate change and improve resilience building in vulnerable African countries, especially the Least Developed Countries (LDC). Furthermore, Kouassigan serves as an advisor for the LDC group on Adaptation-related topics during the UN Climate Change negotiations and he is a member of Climate Analytics‘ Management Team. He speaks French and English.

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Maya Wolfensberger

Maya Wolfensberger works as an advisor at Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation on the topics of climate change and resilient development. For more than 10 years, she has been advising public and private sector entities in climate change mainstreaming and sustainable resource management.

She has great experience working with the Green Climate Fund, including GCF concept note development and the GCF accreditation process. Her focus lies on adaptation and cross-cutting projects, resilient ecosystems, agriculture and sustainable livelihoods. She has strong coordination and thematic steering abilities and facilitating of workshops and webinars. She is based in Switzerland and speaks English, Spanish, French and German.

Contact details | +41 44 368 67 49

Jason Yapp

Portraitfoto von Jason Yapp

Dr. Jason Yapp is a specialist in i) Climate Finance (e.g. Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness & Accreditation; GCF, Adaptation Fund and GEF Proposal Development, Carbon offset and Market); ii) Private Sector Development and Green Economy Development; iii) Climate Mitigation (Renewable Energy (Solar PV, Biogas), Energy Efficiency (Standards, Label and Testing protocol for lightings and refrigeration; improved cookstoves); iv) Climate Adaptation (Climate Resilient and Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainable Forest and Land Management, Biochar); and v) Climate Policy and Strategy (NDC, NAMA, NAP, Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development and Terminal Evaluation Expert).

Dr Yapp has provided consultancy services over the last 25 years for UN Agencies (UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO, WFP), Green Climate Fund, UK government, ADB, EU Commission, USAID, GIZ, GGGI, IUCN, IISD and Commonwealth Secretariat for overcoming the policy, legal, regulatory, institutional, technical, financial, business, social and cultural barriers to shift the paradigm to transform development and climate challenges into scalable and replicable climate adaptation and mitigation solutions as inclusive business in Asia, Africa, Middle East, UK, Pacific and Caribbean regions.

As a) a GCF Readiness TA Consultant and b) a Certified and Practicing Trainer for GIZ’s Climate Finance Readiness Toolkits and Sectoral Expert, Dr Yapp has extensive knowledge and working experience through supporting NDAs in over 26 developing countries to design and implement GCF Readiness and full funding proposals to access and deploy climate finance; developing five GCF Country Programmes; and facilitating numerous climate finance trainings.

Contact details | +44 7768 443317

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